MBN and Purple join forces to create a disruptive data strategy business and acquire the IP from Consilium Analytics

MBN Solutions and Purple Management Consulting announce their Joint Venture; “Purple Vantage” and its acquisition of the intellectual property and...

Why Customer Journey Mapping should be the first step of your Digital Strategy

It’s 2018. The commercial landscape has been irreversibly changed. First by phone lines, and then the internet, email, apps. People have developed an...

GDPR: life after the 25th of May.

So, you’ve mapped out a personal data inventory, you’ve raised GDPR awareness in your organisation and maybe you’ve even appointed a data protection officer. You’re safe in the knowledge that once May 25th arrives, your...

Turning data into actionable insights

Purple Vantage partner with organisations to assist them in gaining insights from their data using both proven and innovative techniques.

The insights we provide enable our clients to make smarter business decisions whilst designing and delivering exceptional customer experiences that build long lasting brand loyalty.

Make a Change with Purple Vantage